The Dark Knight Rises (new trailer)


This week saw the release of the new trailer for Dark Knight Rises.  The trailer shows us more footage, but at the same time it raises more questions.

Did Batman disappear?

What did Bane do to Batman?

Is Catwoman a hero or villain?

Who is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character?

Where was Bane going when he is freed from the airplane?

Does Batman die in this movie?

The trailer is interesting, but it isn’t mind-blowing.  Which is a huge disappointment for me.

The plot isn’t revealed for this movie.  We don’t know what is happening.  We don’t know what Bane’s motive is, besides destruction and mayhem (which that was Joker’s thing too).  I would be more excited about the movie if I knew what was happening.

I am a huge Batman movie fan.  The original Batman movie from 1989 is one of my favourite movies of all time.  When Batman Begins started Christopher Nolan’s run as the director of Batman, I was excited for the reboot of the franchise.  When The Dark Knight became one of the biggest movies of all time, I was concerned.

Success leads to mediocrity.  I like to make a comparison of it to C.S.I.  The show is stale because they are afraid of making a change, and losing viewers.  That is the fear I have with the new Batman movie.  Since the second movie was very popular, either two things will happen.  The movie will feel stale, trying to recapture the magic and feeling of The Dark Knight.  Or there will be so much change to everything about Batman that the people who saw The Dark Knight (who are not Batman movie fans) will be unhappy with the outcome of this movie, which will lead to bad reviews and bad “word of mouth” for the third movie in the series.

The other thing that bothers me with The Dark Knight Rises is this is the conclusion to the series.  As I wrote a couple of weeks ago there will always be a Batman movie and if this is the last movie, it’s sad to say, but I am more excited to see what is going to come after The Dark Knight Rises, than The Dark Knight Rises itself.  I know I’ll see Dark Knight Rises on opening night, I just wish I could be more excited than what I am now.  Hopefully I will have to eat my “bat-words” on this one.

Ed Campbell
Ed Campbell

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11 years ago

its just the end of christopher nolan’s version of batman, not the end all be all, everyone must now accept this storyline, ending