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Review: Jonah Hex #50

I’ll start this review with a confession. Outside of one issue of Jonah Hex (issue #35 drawn by the amazing J.H. William the 3rd) I don’t really read his comics. This isn’t to say that they’re bad comics by any…

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Noir and Beyond: a Darwyn Cooke Exhibit

Chances are you’re pretty familiar with Darwyn Cooke. He’s arguably one of the most critically and commercially succesful artists working in the industry today. His recently(ish) released adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Hunter was one of the best selling books…

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Four Colour Crime.

Warren Ellis once said, sometime, somewhere long ago that, “the idea of superheroes dominating comic books was as ludicrous as all novels only being written about nurses.” What he means is that we have in ‘sequential art’ is a intelligent…

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