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Silk Spectre #1

The doomsday clock has finally struck midnight and the Watchmen prequels are finally upon us. From general observations it would seem nuclear war didn't accompany the release of the first issue of Cooke's Minute Men mini-series, nor has a similar catastrophic event occurred upon the release of Silk Spectre #1. Aimed to expand the past leading up to Alan Moore's seminal Watchmen, a number of creators have thrown their names into the figurative, perhaps literal, fire of fan's scorn upon attaching themselves to these projects, including Watchmen editor Len Wein who provides the Curse of the Crimson Corsair back-up story.
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Watchmen 2

If you think you’ve read this particular column before, I wouldn’t blame you. I first covered rumors of a Watchmen sequel/prequel nearly two years ago (Scott: previous column). At the time, there wasn’t much attached to idea in terms of…

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80’s Toy Show

As many of you might recall, a few weeks ago I wrote a column about my toy buying habits.  Writing the column kind of re-awakened my love of toys and my interest in collections. For someone who buys comics, this…

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