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GTA Comic Con a positive addition to T.O. comic scene

When you're the only game in town as Informa Canada is, and as Hobbystar was before them, you get the luxury of setting the rules all others must play by. And when it comes to the point where that relative authority is challenged by another entity such as Wizard, that challenge will be met with a response of equal weight.
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Episode 19: Final thoughts on Fan Expo 2012

Sitting back for a moment and really considering this past weekend’s event, it’s difficult to be particularly upset with Hobbystar’s event planning. Despite a Toronto Star report citing the displeasure of several thousand fans who waited in line until 3…

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77,840 Attend Fan Expo

Hobbystar just sent an email that attendance for Fan Expo 2011 was 77,840, unofficially making it the third largest comic convention in North America after San Diego and New York.  Crowd control was smooth this year: organized lines managed by…

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