My recent Pick 5 focused on Canadian Superheroes.  Since Independence Day just recently passed, I got thinking of heroes who fought for “Old Glory”.  Here is my list of American Patriotic Superheroes.

#5 Iron Patriot

The Iron Patriot was Norman Osborn.  Osborn replaced Tony Stark as Director Of Shield, and devised the Iron Patriot armor.  Even though Osborn is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, he was a patriotic hero (well… in public perception only).

#4 U.S. Agent

John Walker (aka U.S. Agent) replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America, which turned out to be a Red Skull plot.  When Steve Rogers became Captain America again, John Walker donned a new costume (Steve’s black “Captain” costume) and became U.S. Agent.

#3 The Shield

The Shield was one of comics first Patriotic Superheroes.  He debuted 14 months before Captain America.  Check out Undervalued Spotlight for more details on this comic and Hero.

#2 Superman

Superman has always fought for truth, justice and the American way.  And after 73 years he is still considered an American cultural icon.

#1 Captain America


Obviously Captain America had to be #1.  Even though there have been several incarnations of Captain America, Steve Rogers is the most beloved.  Captain America celebrated his 70th anniversary this year.  Many Captain America fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Captain America: The First Avenger coming to theatres July 22.

Is there a character missing from this list?  Have your say: leave a comment below.