Every yin has a yang, and I’ve already shared my thoughts on the best of 2012, so here are some of my opinions on the worst stuff that came out this year.

Avengers Vs X-Men: Despite being a fanboy’s dream premise and doing extremely well in sales, this crossover event hit all the wrong notes. The rotating creative teams (especially writers) provided no continuity and gave a mismatched jumble of storyline and character development (or lack thereof). Rotating writers works for TV because there is a show-runner with a single vision, but AVX seemed to be lacking such a key component. The final pay-off of the stretched out series really did very little except set up Marvel Now!, which I suppose was the intent anyway.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: Holy cow this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, let alone comic book movies. The plot is awful, the acting is over the top, and the soundtrack makes me long for a bad thrash metal opening band at Lee’s Palace. I am fairly certain that Nick Cage was actually possessed while making this movie.


Moving the G.I. Joe movie: Double middle fingers to you studios for adding completely unnecessary 3D and making me wait almost a year for ninja battles. I am happy to see history repeating itself in that fan outrage at killing off Duke necessitated a change (the previous animated movie was overdubbed to bring Duke back to life as well). Really, this just seems like a desperate move cash-grab, and if I have any choice in the matter I will be seeing the movie in 2D. Yo Joe!

Action Comics: I really struggled with this one and almost didn’t put it on the list. I like Action Comics. Grant Morrison has been doing some interesting things with the book, but it should be way better and the flagship title of the New 52. Instead it sort of takes place 5 years before all of the New 52 and Morrison is just allowed to play in his little sandbox without worrying about the regular continuity of the New 52 proper. The stories seem to jump all over the place and the weird Legion story that interrupted the first Brainiac arc was pretty lackluster and was only there so the regular artist could catch up. I suppose I just hold Grant Morrison and his Superman stories to a higher standard, so that is why I placed Action on the worst list. C’mon, this is the same guy who gave us All-Star Superman! This book should be better.

Those are my thoughts on the things that drove me bat-guano this year. What soured you?