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Tales Of Suspense Part 2: 54-59

Continuing from last week's Arcs & Runs of Tales of Suspense issues 48 through 53, this week featuring 54 through 59. This twelve issue run is packed with first appearances and new beginnings. We will focus on the importance of the book itself and a very brief recounting of the story.
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Time Capsule: DC Releases Feb ’86

A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time: DC Releases Feb ’86. Booster Gold graces the cover, with interior emphasis on Ambush Bug, Aquaman mini-series by Neal Ponzer and Craig Hamilton, and the final issue of Wonder Woman…

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The Madness of Magneto

In March 1970 the axe fell on the original X-Men, and after 66 issues suspended publication. They returned in December of 1970 in reprint form with issue #67 and published bi monthly until issue #94 when the all New X-Men…

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