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Undervalued Spotlight #58

Twilight Zone #84, Gold Key, June 1978 There are many collecting strains within the comic book collecting hobby. First appearances, first issues, publishers, titles, battle covers, love triangle covers, risqué covers, comics mentioned in SOTI, variant prices on covers, variant…

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Review: Shadowland #1

Writer: Andy Diggle Pencils: Billy Tan Inks: Batt Colours: Christina Strain In Daredevil: The List, the Diggle penned one-shot written last year tying into Dark Reign, the renowned assassin Bullseye destroyed an apartment complex and killed over 100 people in…

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Frank Miller Ink Launches

A while back Frank Miller hit twitter, and now he’s launched his very own website. And while his first post is a memorium to Brittany Murphy, an actress who appeared in Sin City but who died late last year, I’m…

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