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Best of Enemies

In the glory days of 1990s comic book collecting we were often drawn to shiny things. Like easily distracted birds we flocked to whichever anniversary issue had the best foil/glowing/die-cut/super-special cover on the promise that by purchasing such a collector’s…

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The Goblin War!

For some readers today, it might be hard to imagine that once upon a time Todd McFarlane was the top artist in the industry and not just a toy company mogul or occasional cover artist. But he was huge. Highly…

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St. Patrick’s Day Special: Spider-Man’s Green Villains

It’s St.Patrick's Day. The only day of the year when the world goes green, and actually means it. We all want to be Irish today and if we’re not, we can pretend we are and go to the pub to celebrate anyway. All this green gets me thinking, not about money, but about comics, and a question. Why are all of Spider-Mans villains costumes green?
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