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Merry Apocalypsmas!!!

I sit here (a couple of days before December 21st) looking at my Mayan-Day-At-A-Glance calendar and realize that there are only a couple of days left to the Mayan calendar.  Now to many people (and Doomsday Preppers) this means the…

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Hawkeye #1

The first issue of Matt Fraction's ​Hawkeye ​series is one of a number of titles debuting prior to the "Marvel Now!" initiative. The series finds Fraction and David Aja, the team behind The ​Immortal Iron Fist​, reuniting to bring readers deeper into a more personalized view of Marvel's alpha-archer, Clint Barton.
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Avengers: X-Sanction #1

Earlier this year the comic book world first caught wind of Cable's imminent return to the Marvel universe. The only question that remained, was, how? With Cable's death in Second Coming, it appeared that he had completed his final mission, but it would seem that for the time-travelling hero from the future, one final mission remains.
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