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Beast Mode: Jung Gi Kim

Not too long ago, Marvel released a set of connecting variant covers for their Civil War II mini series. These caught my attention because: 1. The Art: Clearly Asian, somewhere between traditional brush painting and manga. 2. The Design: Minimal,…

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Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home is an ongoing manga series by Konami Kanata about a kitten named Chi as she discovers the world around her.  Chi’s Sweet Home is just plain fun to read because Chi is extremely adorable and acts like…

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A Zoo in Winter cover

A Zoo in Winter

A Zoo in Winter is the latest translated graphic novel from the mangaka Jiro Taniguchi.  A Zoo in Winter is based on Jiro Taniguchi’s youth when he broke into the manga industry as an assistant.  I do not think this…

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My first digital purchase

This weekend I was checking the comic news to see if any of the publishers were taking part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, big discount shopping days surrounding Thanksgiving in the United States. I came across Digital Dark Horse…

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Summer Comic Book Movie Run-Down

Our first glimpse of warm weather reminds us that summer is just around the corner. April showers bring more than May flowers; they bring the start of the summer movie season. What comic book movies hit the big screen this…

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