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Covered 365: Day 303

Avengers #303, Marvel Comics, May 1989. Artist: John Buscema. I’m such a John Buscema fanboy, I saw his cover to Avengers #303 and it sent me back to that late 60s style of his that produced so many classic covers.…

St. Patrick’s Day Special: Spider-Man’s Green Villains

It’s St.Patrick's Day. The only day of the year when the world goes green, and actually means it. We all want to be Irish today and if we’re not, we can pretend we are and go to the pub to celebrate anyway. All this green gets me thinking, not about money, but about comics, and a question. Why are all of Spider-Mans villains costumes green?

Spinner Rack Gold!

A funny thing happened when I opened the package from Robert Bell containing the comic bags I ordered. There was a new updated price list from the one I received about 3 months earlier. Amazing Spider-Man #1 was now $40! It had doubled in value since the last list.

Hidden Gems

The title of this particular post is “Hidden Gems” but I’m not quite sure if that’s incredibly accurate.  Most of what’s in here isn’t hidden at all really; if you go into a comic shop, a majority of it will…

Just A Thought | Going Hardcore!

What I mean by going hardcore was the moment you crossed from casual fan to that guy who came in to the comic shop on a regular basis. Where you stopped buying from the corner store and started buying comics on Wednesdays at a comic shop.

Neil Gaiman Has Gotten Married!

If you heard a sound that was kind of like a million nerdy comic girls sighing in disappointment or felt the tremor in the force as a million goth girls silently wept, I have an explanation for you. Neil Gaiman…

Just A Thought | Sandman 101

I’m not quite sure how old I was, somewhere around twelve maybe, when I first discovered Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. TVO used to have this awesome show called Prisoners of Gravity which looked at themes and topics connected with fantasy, sci-fi…

The Justice Society on TV

“I quit watching Smallville in it’s __________ season” is probably one of those things comic book store employee hear all the time*. Everyone has an opinion for when it jumped the shark – and now it seems like everyone has…