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St. Patrick’s Day Special: Spider-Man’s Green Villains

It’s St.Patrick's Day. The only day of the year when the world goes green, and actually means it. We all want to be Irish today and if we’re not, we can pretend we are and go to the pub to celebrate anyway. All this green gets me thinking, not about money, but about comics, and a question. Why are all of Spider-Mans villains costumes green?
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Spinner Rack Gold!

A funny thing happened when I opened the package from Robert Bell containing the comic bags I ordered. There was a new updated price list from the one I received about 3 months earlier. Amazing Spider-Man #1 was now $40! It had doubled in value since the last list.
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Hidden Gems

The title of this particular post is “Hidden Gems” but I’m not quite sure if that’s incredibly accurate.  Most of what’s in here isn’t hidden at all really; if you go into a comic shop, a majority of it will…

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