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Marvel 1960s Annuals: Part One, Fantastic Four

One of my personal favourite genres of comic books that I like to collect is the big square bound super-hero annuals. Twice the size and price of a regular comic, these books only came out once a year and were packed with pin-ups, some classic reprints, and usually a crackling good original story. The original stories quite often took place outside the current storylines taking place in the title, but had a place in the character or groups long term continuity. There were surprisingly few made – I count 18 in the sixties and some characters and groups had none at all. I did not include war, romance, westerns, or re-print annuals in this first series but may get to them at a later date.
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Joe Sinnott and his amazing contributions to the Silver Age

Joe is, without a doubt, most recognized for his amazing contribution to the Fantastic Four run with Jack Kirby. Joe inked issue #5 featuring Doctor Doom and was scheduled to stay on the book inking Kirby. He left after inking a few pages of #6 not to return until #44 which was the introduction to the Inhumans saga followed by the Galactus Trilogy and what I call the best 50 issue run in the history of comics.
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ComicConnect December 2013 Event Auction Original Art

Another auction wrap up for ComicConnect, with the first of five sessions being original art that closed on Monday night. Unfortunately ComicConnect doesn't seem to provide browsing of items after the auction has closed so it's hard to see a solid recap of all activities, but you can save items in a Watch List. Some interesting items came up, and I've featured six below for discussion.
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