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Undervalued Spotlight #13

One of the best Bronze Age Marvel runs lies within the Incredible Hulk title. Issues like #141 (1st Doc Samson), #144 (Doc Doom battle cover), #161 (Beast battle), #162 (1st Wendigo), #172 (Juggernaut origin) and not to mention Wolverine’s appearance in issues #180 - #182 are all highly prized by collectors. Hiding amongst these standouts is
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Undervalued Spotlight #10

Fantastic Four #1, Marvel Comics, November 1961. There’s been a lot written on what is the most important Silver Age comic book. For many years DC’s reintroduction of the Flash in Showcase #4 reigned as the Silver Age’s most important and most expensive comic book. Though I obviously disagree I’ll not continue the argument here but I will
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