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Batman #5

Batman is on trial as the mythic Court of Owls is closing in on the Dark Knight. Issue five of the relaunched series was released last week, bringing with it new revelations about the shadowy cabal purportedly to have run Gotham since the pioneer days.

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Review: Batman and Robin #23

Judd Winick. His name polarizes comic book readers it seems. Gracing everything from Green Lantern to Green Arrow, and up to and including Outsiders and Batman, the writer returns to the Batman universe for a three issue arc on Batman and Robin with a story centered on the character he brought back from the grave. Jason Todd returns in this issue, but just what is up his sleeve is anyone’s guess. Onward ho!

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Review: Batman Beyond #1

Writer: Adam Beechen Artists: Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci And so the legend grows. Years ago a cartoon featuring a new Batman with an elderly Bruce Wayne as his advisor made its debut on cartoon networks. The series starred...

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