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Review: Uncanny X-Force #5

Writer: Rick Remender Pencils: Esad Ribic Inks: John Lucas Colours: Matt Wilson Letters: Cory Petit Cover: Esad Ribic Publisher: Marvel Comics Five issues into the latest incarnation of X-Force, Remender’s run has taken a very early twist. Whether it’s for better or…

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Review: Uncanny X-Force #1

Writer: Rick Remender Art: Jerome Opena Colours: Dean White Cover: Esad Ribic; Variant Covers: Clayton Crain, Rob Liefeld, J. Scott Campbell, Marko Djurdjevic Letters: Cory Petit Publisher: Marvel Comics After a critically acclaimed run on X-Force, writers Chris Yost and…

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Just A Thought: Deadpool

Deadpool is everywhere. Okay well maybe not everywhere but everywhere in the comic rack. Deadpool seems to be this year’s flavor of comic book. Created in the early 90’s as a villain for the New Mutants/X-Force, his current rise began…

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