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Sotheby’s Bande Dessinée July 4th

As part of Comic Book Daily’s look at auction highlights of original comic art we’re taking stock of Sotheby’s recent bande dessinée auction held in Paris on July fourth. This was the first Sotheby’s auction dedicated to comics work. Here’s…

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Welcome to the Uncanny Valley Tintin!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the theory of the Uncanny Valley, it  is that strange place in digital graphics where a human looks so almost real that it’s almost unsettling.  Here’s how 30 Rock explains it: Tracy:…

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I Love Comics: Tintin

I Love Comics is a Monday to Friday examination of the many reasons why we here at Comicbookdaily.com love comics. Not all of them might be to your tastes, but hey – isn’t that the whole point of Comics? I…

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