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“Nerdy Christmas” Movies

Christmas is just a few short days away. It's time to slow down, kick back and enjoy the holidays, that is of course if you've finished all your shopping. If you haven't... I feel for ya! Leading up to Christmas, I like to take it easy with a nice whiskey, some homemade caramel corn and a movie. In our house we have our family favourites like "A Christmas Story" and "Jingle All The Way"... shut up... that movie is awesome.
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Movie Cameos

With the recent release of X-Men First Class (which features two cameos), I got thinking about cameo appearances in our favourite Super Hero movies.  Easily there could be a Pick 5 list on just Stan Lee’s appearances alone (hmm… maybe a…

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Lobo to destroy Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is going to draw on his failed marriage to Madonna to produce and direct a movie based on the Main Man himself Lobo. DC Comic’s ultra-violent anti-hero who, like Madonna herself, killed Santa Claus. According to the Hollywood…

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