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Let’s face a simple fact. If you look up and down Diamond’s top selling books, it’s made up of numerous DC titles, some choice Marvel titles, and from there, a selection of niche books which have their cemented places in fans’ comic shop pull lists.

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Coming off the worst stretch of his life, Matt Murdock left New York and travelled cross-country to find himself. After a brief stay in New Mexico, Murdock rediscovered his nature after helping a small town overcome its problem with some aggressive locals. Upon returning to New York though, Murdock must face the consequences of his actions.

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Writer: Andy Diggle Artist: David Gianfelice Colours: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Joe Caramagna Cover: Jock Publisher: Marvel Comics Come one, come all! Witness the rebirth of a(nother) comic book character. Excuse…

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We’re going to take a little departure from the usual format here. I’ve kept mum on the most part about Shadowland mostly due to the sheer volume of titles published…

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Marvel’s big mid-2010 event is nearing it’s half-way point, and amidst all the hype preceding the first issue of Shadowland the series has been a let down. It’s not as…

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Marvel announced at Fan Expo on Saturday Daredevil’s return to the forefront with a four issue limited series. Starting in January, Daredevil Reborn will launch and it will mostly focus…

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Marvel has released the following teaser image featuring Nova flying through the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. The only text accompanying the image was the question “Who will be the new…

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Writer: Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston Artist: Roberto de le Torre Colours: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Joe Caramagna Shadowland has begun, and for the residents of Hell’s Kitchen and Marvel’s costumed…

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Writer: Andy Diggle Pencils: Billy Tan Inks: Batt Colours: Christina Strain In Daredevil: The List, the Diggle penned one-shot written last year tying into Dark Reign, the renowned assassin Bullseye…

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Shadowland is about to descend upon Marvel’s heroes. With the summer event drawing ever closer, this week we’re previewing the potential blockbuster that will pit a dozen of Marvel’s best…

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June 14, 2010 / / Reviews 3 Comments

Writers: Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston Artists: Marco Checchetto, Matt Hollingsworth, Joe Caramagna, and Paolo Rivera With Marvel’s summer event Shadowland drawing near, the Daredevil team is gearing up for…

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SuperheroHype has a newer new poster that manages to convey the kinetic and fast paced tone of the comic book series. Jock managed to created some of the more viceral…

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