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Fan Expo: Friday

Interesting day Friday. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It was terribly busy, but the crowd being spread out over multiple days is a good thing (at the very least for safety reasons). Again here are…

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Comics not your thing? Check out boxes upon boxes of Manga titles.

What’s New Saturday August 26

Friday at Toronto’s convention center, Fan Expo 2011 continued. Fan costumes were out in full force today and the venue was practically packed by 11 a.m. Saturday is what event planners have been bracing for. A big turn out is…

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Marvel: Fear Itself - Left to Right, C.B. Cebulski, Jeanine Schaeffer, Alex Alfonso, Stuart Immonen, and Matt Fraction.

Marvel Fear Itself Panel

Fan Expo in Toronto this Friday afternoon was the place for Marvel Comic’s hints and teasers, as the Marvel: Fear Itself panel dropped talked superheroes and what fans can expect in the coming months from Fear Itself and upcoming spin-off…

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Team Rocket

Road to the Masquerade – Friday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Team Rocket Chika Peach World of Warcraft and Steampunk Cardcaptor Sakura Batgirl and Batman cosplay Rorschach and Zatanna Steampunk Grendel Sibylline Sister Rogue Darkwing Duck Cybermen Hexadecimal Spock Optimus Prime Seven of Nine Altaïr Officer Jenny…

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Jeff Smith Panel

Jeff Smith is an American cartoonist best known for his comic book series Bone.  His current series is RASL.  The series follows the art thief RASL who jumps to parallel universes to steal paintings.  In this panel, Jeff talks about…

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Fan Expo: THURS

Whooo! Day one has come and gone and we have learned one fact: Thursday is the new Friday. A solid day, good size crowds but you still can easily look through the stalls and chat with the exhibitors. But does…

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Con Report Thursday

Ah, the first day of Fan Expo 2011. It was busy, but not too busy (which was nice). I do, however, think that things are just going to get busier from here on out. Before I begin, I should probably do…

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Writer’s Guild Panel

This panel is about respecting the fan base.  It discusses the rewards and challenges of adapting a well known and well loved story from one platform to another.  This panel is moderated by The Listener showrunner Peter Mohan.  The panel…

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Paranormal Potpourri Panel

This panel consisted of James Davidge (Driftwood Saga series), Greg Lamberson (Jake Helman Files series) and Crissy Calhoun (Vampire Diaries companion books and managing editor of ECW Press).  The panel discussed paranormal literature. Unfortunately, the panel got off to a…

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Tony Moore sketches something other than zombies at his table. Photo By: Alexa Tomaszewski

What’s New Friday August 26

What’s going on this Friday at Fan Expo at downtown Toronto’s Convention Center? Plenty. From the looks of it Chris Claremont, X-Men, has just been added to the Expo line up. According to the Official 2011 Show Program Claremont will…

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Fans line up at Fan Expo 2011, some of them on weary feet already. Photo By: Alexa Tomaszewski

Fan Expo Survival Guide

Fan Expo 2011 kicked off this Thursday April 25 and fan boys and girls lined up at the girls dressed up in their favorite superhero garb. The rain started around 1:30 p.m. causing event organizers to let fans in early…

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Trades & Hardcovers

Just back from Fan Expo 2011 to report on the trade paperback and hardcover sales.  Overall there are less dealers this year, or that’s the feeling I had as I wandered the aisles.  Silver Snail had the best deal at…

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Con (Over) Spending

The big show of the year in Toronto, Fan Expo Canada 2011, starts today.  Last night I was scrambling around the house trying to get everything ready.  My focus at shows the last few years is original art, sketches and…

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Pick Up Passes Now

For everyone who purchased a Fan Expo pass (premium, deluxe or day) in advance through Ticket Express, today is the first opportunity you can pick it up.  The box office is located today at the lobby of the South Building…

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Getting Around Fan Expo

Fan Expo 2011 is two days away and most details have firmed up.  Here are some basic resources that are being updated regularly:   Floorplan Schedule Guest List News and Updates Newly added this year is Guidebook, a mobile app…

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The Con Is On

I can feel the excitement in the air as we are only two days away from Fan Expo, the biggest and baddest nerd gathering in the Great White North. While the summer may be drawing to a close there is…

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Top 5 Fan Expo Guests

Fan Expo is this week and here’s my Pick Five: top five Fan Expo guests.  Completely my opinion but that is the one that matters most…to me. 5. Chris Claremont I can’t remember the last time I saw Claremont at…

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The Best Superhero Ever Part 2

Last week, I had a number of special guests write about who they thought was the best superhero ever. From music guru Alan Cross to librarian Genevieve Kwant, the people and responses to the question and interpretations of the question…

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