Category Auction Highlights

Here we highlight some notable sales in the big bad world of comic book auctions.

Auction Highlights #83

The comic book portion of ComicLink’s February Featured Auction Ended Wednesday February the 26th and what a mammoth auction it was! For the 1st time ever really a strong group of quality “Canadian Whites” were on auction and the results can only be described as historic. I’ll direct you to Ivan Kocmarek’s post covering that portion of the auction. As I said above, this was a very strong auction.
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Heritage 2014 Feb 20-22 Comic Art Signature Auction

This week Heritage wrapped up its 2014 February 20 - 22 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, covering a large array of classic covers and stunning artwork. A nice mix of silver age covers, modern classics and a range of strip art. The big winner was the cover to Action Comics issue 15 for $286,800.00, but these five pieces caught my eye.
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ComicLink January 2014 Focused Auction Original Art

ComicLink's January 2014 Focused Auction ended last week, with Session 4 offering original art. This was a low key offering, as ComicLink states "The Original Art offering of this auction focuses on more accessible material (check out the growing February preview for higher-end art) and includes visually exciting works by esteemed artists", basically saying the cheap stuff is this month and big ticket items will be next time around.
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ComicConnect December 2013 Event Auction Original Art

Another auction wrap up for ComicConnect, with the first of five sessions being original art that closed on Monday night. Unfortunately ComicConnect doesn't seem to provide browsing of items after the auction has closed so it's hard to see a solid recap of all activities, but you can save items in a Watch List. Some interesting items came up, and I've featured six below for discussion.
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ComicLink December 2013 Featured Auction Original Art

Another hot auction ended this week with ComicLink's November 2013 Featured Auction, our focus here on their original art. A reoccuring pattern seems to be emerging: Ditko Spider-Man pages command the highest bids, followed by Kirby early Marvels and then everything else. A lot of bargains to be had for those with an eye to the long term investment. As always a few items caught my eye and six are discussed below. Please chime in with your comments.
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