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Vampires Panel

This panel discussed vampire literature in general.  It was moderated by Nancy Kilpatrick (Evolve Two).  The participants were Crissy Calhoun (Vampire Diaries companion), Karen Dales (Chosen Chronicles), David Tocher (Evolve Two), Max Turner (Nightrunner Series) and Alyxandra Harvey (The Drake…

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Fan Expo Sunday (Le Finale)

Today was the final day of Fan Expo.  Typically Sunday is the lighter day, which was true for the beginning of the morning.  The afternoon got much busier. Since I spent all day at the show yesterday, and left the…

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Marvel Assemble

Masquerade Aftermath – Sunday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Marvel Assemble! Weeping Angel Poison Ivy GLaDOS Baroness and Destro Sweet Lolita Mystique Dalek and Dr. Who Belle Seven of Nine Vegeta and Goku Lolita Black Rock Shooter Dead Master Onion Knight For entire Fan Expo…

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Fan Expo Saturday

Saturday was the big day for the Fan Expo weekend.  When I showed up at the convention center the lines were very long.  You could hear a murmur in the crowd if this would turn out like last year.  I…

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Fan Expo Report: Day 3

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last two years, it’s that when you combine Fan Expo with a Saturday, you’re typically in for a rough day. Thankfully I was only on-site for a few hours on Saturday to…

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Steampunk Rogue

Road to the Masquerade – Saturday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Steampunk Rogue R2-D2 and C-3PO Ms. Marvel Benn’Joon The Macho Man Randy Savage The Red Queen Dr. Who Wonder Woman The Riddler and Bane Carnage Renji Abarai Elizabeth (from Gin Tama) Morrigan Aensland and Pyramid Head…

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Fan Expo: Friday

Interesting day Friday. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It was terribly busy, but the crowd being spread out over multiple days is a good thing (at the very least for safety reasons). Again here are…

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Comics not your thing? Check out boxes upon boxes of Manga titles.

What’s New Saturday August 26

Friday at Toronto’s convention center, Fan Expo 2011 continued. Fan costumes were out in full force today and the venue was practically packed by 11 a.m. Saturday is what event planners have been bracing for. A big turn out is…

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Marvel: Fear Itself - Left to Right, C.B. Cebulski, Jeanine Schaeffer, Alex Alfonso, Stuart Immonen, and Matt Fraction.

Marvel Fear Itself Panel

Fan Expo in Toronto this Friday afternoon was the place for Marvel Comic’s hints and teasers, as the Marvel: Fear Itself panel dropped talked superheroes and what fans can expect in the coming months from Fear Itself and upcoming spin-off…

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Team Rocket

Road to the Masquerade – Friday

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Team Rocket Chika Peach World of Warcraft and Steampunk Cardcaptor Sakura Batgirl and Batman cosplay Rorschach and Zatanna Steampunk Grendel Sibylline Sister Rogue Darkwing Duck Cybermen Hexadecimal Spock Optimus Prime Seven of Nine Altaïr Officer Jenny…

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