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Beginning’s end bittersweet for ‘Kill Shakespeare’ creators

Life could be perceived as a series of acts, each of us living out the drama of our lives in a microcosm of the whole day in and day out. Existence is a play, with each component of the greater story being told a piece at a time; before we know it, the curtains close on a chapter of life and the crowd disperses for intermission, anticipating the next part of the story.
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Top Five Interview Tips

Scoring an exclusive interview, on record, at Fan Expo can be a difficult but rewarding task. The artists and writers featured at this event have a lot of interesting things to say – be it about their current titles or…

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Fan Expo Sunday (Le Finale)

Today was the final day of Fan Expo.  Typically Sunday is the lighter day, which was true for the beginning of the morning.  The afternoon got much busier. Since I spent all day at the show yesterday, and left the…

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Con Report Thursday

Ah, the first day of Fan Expo 2011. It was busy, but not too busy (which was nice). I do, however, think that things are just going to get busier from here on out. Before I begin, I should probably do…

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Tony Moore sketches something other than zombies at his table. Photo By: Alexa Tomaszewski

What’s New Friday August 26

What’s going on this Friday at Fan Expo at downtown Toronto’s Convention Center? Plenty. From the looks of it Chris Claremont, X-Men, has just been added to the Expo line up. According to the Official 2011 Show Program Claremont will…

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Fans line up at Fan Expo 2011, some of them on weary feet already. Photo By: Alexa Tomaszewski

Fan Expo Survival Guide

Fan Expo 2011 kicked off this Thursday April 25 and fan boys and girls lined up at the girls dressed up in their favorite superhero garb. The rain started around 1:30 p.m. causing event organizers to let fans in early…

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The Con Is On

I can feel the excitement in the air as we are only two days away from Fan Expo, the biggest and baddest nerd gathering in the Great White North. While the summer may be drawing to a close there is…

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Fan Expo’s Kevin Boyd Talks Big Plans For 2011

There were rumours earlier this year that we were going to see big changes with the 2011 convention. Last year's event was mired with fan complaints and issues with accessibility. Hoping to change that, Fan Expo has officially expanded to four days to better suit the needs of this growing convention. We had a chance to sit down with Fan Expo's Kevin Boyd to talk about what Canada's largest comic convention has in store for it's 17th year.
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