Campaign of the Week: ‘In the Dark:’ A Horror Anthology

If you love horror comics, or even supernatural stories, this is a perfect comic for you as you'll get huge 250 page book filled from cover to cover with quality work from the writers and artists who offered their time to work on the project without any compensation up front. These ladies and gentlemen love their craft and love writing and drawing within the horror genre, and if you're a fan of their work or the genre itself you should support this project. The $50 perk is a great reward on its own, but if you're outside the U.S. and are squeamish about the extra shipping cost, getting the $10 digital PDF version is a great option
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Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #5

With this second act completed, the best is yet to come from Del Col, McCreery and Belanger. Their story continues to evolve and ripen, improving with each new issue. A hallmark of the series has been the creators' willingness to take chances with their work, a philosophy that has paid dividends for them and has resulted in an overwhelmingly fantastic comic that only gets better as it develops. Belanger has been an integral piece of the entire journey, giving Del Col and McCreery's words visual weight, combining together to tell a complete story that continues to be the prologue to greater things.
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Cover for Night of 1,000 Wolves #1

Review | Night of 1,000 Wolves

As the autumn air cools and the days grow shorter I, like many, find myself seeking out spooky tales to enjoy while nestled in front of a crackling fire and sipping hot cider. Coming Oct. 23 from IDW is a…

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Dead World: War of the Dead #2

Largely due tot he buzz deriving from the success of The Walking Dead, it would seem zombie-based comics are rather the norm as companies attempt to mirror the basic horror elements and obtain a measure of success.
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Review | Shockrockets

I enjoyed Superman: Secret Identity and heard great things about Shockrockets by the same creative team of Busiek and Immonen, but never had the chance to read the series until I came across the collected edition while scouring the bargain…

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