Author: Peter DeCourcy

Guy Davis’ Swamp Thing

It’s no secret that Guy Davis is one of the best artists working in comics today. He’s well known for his legendary run on BPRD as well as one of the most underrated series of the 90s, Sandman Mystery Theatre. His design work on BPRD offered up some of the most grotesque and memorable monsters of the last twelve years. His style is known for it’s scratchy realism and it’s ability to convey facial expressions that seem to make even the most cannibalistic creature seem humane. He’s also a helluva nice guy. Above is a sketch he did of...

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The Fantastic Farel Dalrymple

It’s been a pretty good few years for the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation (no matter what Eddie Campbell says). After being largely neglected by the comics community at large – probably since the Waid/Wieringo era – it seems like the books has a renewed interest thanks largely in part to Jonathan Hickman’s pseudo-Grant Morrison* look at the franchise. It also helps that they killed off a major character in a black poly bagged issue that managed to come out on a slow news week. The Fantastic Four is probably one of the best concepts that Lee/Kirby came up with. They...

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