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Andy Zeigert

Andy Zeigert is an infographics artist for a regional American newspaper and a freelance comics opinionator.
By Kurtis J. Weibe; Art by Riley Rossmo & Owen Gieni 128 pages, full color Image Comics

Review: Debris

GREEN WAKE creators Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo reunite for DEBRIS, an action-packed sci-fi adventure featuring enormous robotic monsters.
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MIND MGMT #5 cover

Review | Mind MGMT #1-6

Some comics are meant to be more disorienting than others. When you don’t know what’s going on in a story, it’s due to one of two things: author intent or bad writing. Author intent eventually reveals itself. Bad writing usually…

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Finder: Talisman Hardcover

Review | Finder: Talisman Hardcover

Carla Speed McNeil’s FINDER is both dense and inviting. Characters appear and disappear, panels jump from dreamscapes to reality, from flashback to flash forward. But each page further illuminates this lush and expansive sci-fi universe, and a little patience with…

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Cover for Night of 1,000 Wolves #1

Review | Night of 1,000 Wolves

As the autumn air cools and the days grow shorter I, like many, find myself seeking out spooky tales to enjoy while nestled in front of a crackling fire and sipping hot cider. Coming Oct. 23 from IDW is a…

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The Massive & The Creep: Two of the better DHP “pilots”

A strategy becoming apparent in Dark Horse's latest incarnation of DARK HORSE PRESENTS is using it as a kind of testing site for new series. In some more successful cases, Dark Horse has collected the serialized stories into issue #0s to kick off new series. Two of the better titles to come from this strategy so far are John Arcudi’s THE CREEP and Brian Wood’s THE MASSIVE.
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Prophet Vol. 1: Remission

Review | Prophet Vol. 1: Remission

As reboots go, PROPHET is somewhat out of the ordinary. Image’s update bears only a passing resemblance to the Extreme title from the ’90s on which it is based. Yet instead of beginning at the beginning with a #1, the…

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While some blame the Internet for declining sales of print comics, the democratic, shareable and open nature of the world wide web has created an excellent marketplace for boutique books. Whether Kickstarter’d, Indiegogo’d, pre-ordered or otherwise, self-published minicomics and graphic…

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Wild Children

WILD CHILDREN Written by Ales Kot Art by Riley Rossmo Colors/edits by Gregory Wright Letters by Clayton Cowles Published July 2012 by Image Comics 64 pages, full color Order online: Amazon, Book Depository Much like its protagonists, WILD CHILDREN is…

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