Author: Scott VanderPloeg

Review | Miracleman Artifact Edition

Miracleman was launched 30 years ago in the now legendary Warrior magazine. It turned the concept of “super-hero” on its ear with big ideas that helped redefine an entire genre… when Miracleman fought Kid Miracleman on the streets of London… well, things would never be the same. And then there was the art. Miracle Man had a true knack for bringing out the best work from extraordinary artists. Starting with co-creator Garry Leach, followed by Alan Davis (and others) and finishing with one of the most amazing endings in comics history by the phenomenal John Totleben, Miracle Man was...

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Canadian Dollar Hits 11 Year Low

No, you haven’t stumbled into a financial website on your way to the latest comic tips and reviews. Unfortunately it’s still about money, and like most discussions involving it, it’s bad news. For the better part of the last decade the Canadian dollar has been close to the U.S. dollar, so we paid the same for U.S. produced goods as our neighbours did domestically. And we got used to that. Last week the Canadian dollar is worth about $0.72 USD. For those of us who enjoy U.S. produced items, like everyone reading Comic Book Daily, we’re suffering. Or at least buyers...

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