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Human Torch #3(2), Timely Comics, Winter 1940/41 A couple of months ago a long time collector walked into the shop with a small pile of choice Golden Age. We picked…

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After writing the last column which featured the great Daredevil # 45 cover that had Gene Colan inked by Jim Steranko, a couple of other comics came to mind with…

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Captain America Vol. 5 #11 Time for another great Guest Spotlight from the indomitable lion that is Mike Huddleston. Mike’s on his way out to the east coast of Canada for…

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What can be said about Jack Kirby that hasn’t already been said? Probably nothing. Certainly not by me. I never met the man. However…I have been a fan for almost…

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Tales of Suspense #94, Marvel Comics, October 1967 I ran across this issue while pricing up a stack of Tales of Suspense comics for an upcoming comic con. Old habits…

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October 2, 2015 / / Reviews 0 Comments

Continuing from last week’s Arcs & Runs of Tales of Suspense issues 48 through 53, this week featuring 54 through 59. This twelve issue run is packed with first appearances and new beginnings. We will focus on the importance of the book itself and a very brief recounting of the story.

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January 5, 2015 / / Why Comics Rule 7 Comments

Marvel Premiere #49, Marvel Comics, August 1979 That Marvel Premiere sure does have a lot of good books. The run features important appearances of Warlock, Doc Strange, Iron Fist, Legion…

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The comic book world is still spinning from the news this week that Marvel is shaking things up a bit, and changing some of their major characters. Originally I was going to write this article about the power of Thor being transferred from Thor to a new female character. That is a column within itself. But this week we hear more news that the mantle of Captain America is being passed from Steve Rogers, to his friend and ally Sam Wilson.

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I spent Free Comic Book Day 2014 helping out Big B Comics in Barrie. The night before FCBD we were set up at the theatre in Barrie for Amazing Spider-Man 2. We had a table set up displaying all the comics that were available for pick-up the next day. Plus I was able to talk to the audience at each of the screens showing ASM2, to talk to them about FCBD. What it’s about, and where they can join in on the action.

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In writing this column I was forced to abandon my original idea of a spoiler-free review. The movie came about 6 days ago and you can find all sorts of spoiler-free reviews online, and all of the really interesting stuff I want to discuss requires this to be a pretty spoilerific article. So here is the warning: don’t read any further if you have not seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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January 23, 2014 / / Arcs & Runs 3 Comments

We will start with an arc from my second favourite title: Tales of Suspense. I thought it was only fair that this title get the chance to be number one, as it has always been runner-up to my all-time favourite; Amazing Spider-Man. Our featured arc covers the last story ever told in the title. It doesn’t end in Tales of Suspense, but spills over and concludes in a ‘bridge book” IM/SM # 1, and the two new titles CA#100 and IM#1. All of the books feature Jack Kirby (CA) and Gene Colan (IM) artwork.

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With another year coming to a close, I turn my eye to that most time-honoured of traditions: the best-of list. 2013 was a banner year for comics and here are the things that I liked the most.

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We have been living in the age of Marvel Now! for almost two years now. On the whole, Marvel Now! has been pretty successful. There have been some great books come out under the Marvel Now! banner. Most notably those have been Thor: God of Thunder, Indestructible Hulk, and Iron Man. These titles have changed the status-quo for the characters, and have been very entertaining comic books.

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Captain America #217, Marvel Comics (January 1978) The comic collecting community is currently enjoying a bit of a gold rush. Forget reacting to movie news, enough people are actually panning…

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  I was talking with Walter Durajlija the other day about doing an entry on the WECA keys and he suggested a good task might be to start to create…

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