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Green Arrow #13

As Brightest Day concluded, so did J.T. Krul's run on the title as of issue 12. Writer James Patrick joins Agustin Padilla as the new creative team behind Green Arrow, so let's see how this new team stacks up to the past year of Green Arrow stories.
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Review: Brightest Day #15

Writers: Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi Artists: Patrick Gleason and Scott Clark Inkers: David Beaty, Mick Gray, Tom Nguyen, Mark Irwin, Rebecca Buchman, Keith Champagne, Sandra Hope, Patrick Gleason Colours: Brian Buccellato and Peter Steigerwald Cover: David Finch (primary), Ivan…

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Brightest Day By Day #11

Writers: Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi Artists: Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Patrick Gleason and Joe Prado Inkers: David Beaty, Oclair Albert, Keith Champagne, Tom Nguyen Colours: Peter Steigerwald Cover: David Finch; Ivan Reis (variant) Letters: Rob Clark Jr. Publisher: DC…

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