Overvalued Overstreet

It seems a little odd writing about war comics in the middle of the most festive time of the year. It is this time of year however when I think…

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Daredevil #7, Marvel Comics, April 1965. I can’t tell you how many times lower to mid grade copies of this book has queued up in my back issue bins over the years. Mind you I don’t think I have a copy at this moment but I think that’s due more to “aggressive discounting” than it is to rampant demand. The problem all along must have been an overvalued Overstreet value.

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This week’s Overvalued Overstreet points at the 35 cent price variant Star Wars #1, a book that has proven me wrong on every turn for a good 5 years running.…

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I guess I’ll stick with picking books from some of my favorite runs of comics and tackle Barry Windsor-Smith’s terrific run in Conan #1-24, focusing on one culprit in particular…

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