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Leigh Hart

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Boobs in Comics

This is it boys, I am giving you permission to stare, because my post today is all about boobs, jugs, breasts, gazongas, tits, dirty pillows. I originally started this article with the idea of “the evolution of boobs in comics”.…

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PAX East 2013

This weekend I packed up all my nerdy stuff, packed myself into a tiny car full of dudes, woke up at the crack of dawn and made my way down to Boston for PAX East. (Penny Arcade Expo) After three…

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While standing in my local comic book shop the other day, I was looking around and noticed something. A lot of comics have anti-heroes as their main characters. This got me thinking, why are there so many anti-heroes? Looking back…

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Toronto Cons 2013

Inspired by Daniel Champion‘s list of UK Conventions, I have complied as many Cons in Toronto that I could find (that are nerdy related) into the convenient list below. I tried to keep the list to Toronto, if I missed…

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Happy New Year

I am away this week on vacation, so this is going to be short and sweet. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and New Year! I would love to hear if you have any New Years resolutions, especially if…

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My Fear of Zombies

Ok, look I admit it, I am terrified of zombies. I have and always have had an irrational fear of the fictional characters. I have had many people try and convince me other wise, they suggestions things like the Zombie…

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