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Just A Thought: DC's First Wave

First Wave #1 (DC) Written by Brian Azzarello Drawn by Rags Morales I hate when promotion drops the ball on something I’m waiting for especially when it turns out it’s something I end up liking. As I duly noted last…

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Warner Bros. Buys Arkham Asylum

Warner Bros. announced today it has bought a controlling stake in Rocksteady Studios, London-based developer of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. Although specific financial terms weren’t released, the deal gives Warner Bros. 68.4-percent interest in the six-year-old Rocksteady. “The…

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First Look: Overstreet #40

Art Director, Editor and Artist Mark Chiarello is responsible for many beautiful things: the recent Wednesday Comics, DC Comics’ ill fated – but absolutely wonderful – anthology Solo, Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s Batman epic Hush as well as the…

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