Anthony Falcone

Anthony Falcone

Anthony Falcone is a freelance writer living in Toronto and he is the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla. You should definitely follow him on Twitter.

Disney and Marvel

Since the announcement of Disney acquiring Marvel was made, I have been wondering when we would see some comic book action at the Disney Theme Parks. This isn’t as much of a slam dunk as some might think: Universal currently…

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Hello all, I am on vacation this week. Until next time please enjoy this picture of Tony Stark and Nick Fury on the beach (from the Marvel Swimsuit special).

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I Heart New York

New York is a great city. I know that isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, but every introductory sentence I write can’t be a winner. On a recent trip to New York I noticed how seeing the city in person gives you…

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Spider-Men #1

You can say whatever you want about Brian Michael Bendis, some fans love him, some hate him, but he has done a great job as the Ultimate Spider-Man scribe over the past 10 years. He also has been pretty familiar…

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Saga #1 & #2

Have you been reading Image’s new book Saga? Because you should be. It is written by Brian K Vaughn who previously wrote a couple of little books called Ex Machina and Y: The Last Man, and if that isn’t enough…

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