Danny Champion

Danny Champion

Danny Champion is a freelance writer and artist. Follow CandyAppleFox on Twitter.

Comics are sh*t.

Easily the coolest storyteller in the history of cool storytellers’: Quentin Tarantino  is a formidable force in the wonderful world of favourable fiction. His fans love him almost unconditionally and why shouldn’t they?  His work often has funny, cool, smart…

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UK Cons 2013

Don’t worry, It’s nearly the end of January and I’m told “there will always be a Spring”. If we take that literally, the sky will soon be blue again, trees will once again have actual leaves on them and nerds…

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2013 so, what now?

2012 was a milestone year for comics at the movies. Marvel’s characters blew everything else away in the biggest movie-event of the summer and the general interest in comic characters reached new heights as ‘nerdism’ was celebrated among civilians as…

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Justice League Movie?

Tragically losing the rather astonishing Heath Ledger after his first and only portrayal of the greatest comics villain to ever grace our movie theaters was… beyond all else, bad news for the future of DC Movies.  If you remove the hearts and…

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Creator Owned?

Do the big 2 need to provide a solid creator owned platform for their regular talent? Or is it better that Marvel and DC maintain a primary mind-set of  “Our property, edited our way.”?   allowing the second tier publishers…

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Tarantino Comic

DC Comics September 12: “You may remember that at San Diego Comic Con we announced that Vertigo will be publishing a DJANGO UNCHAINED mini-series based on the upcoming film by Quentin Tarantino. This morning, we revealed that R.M. Guéra (Scalped) is the interior artist on the DJANGO UNCHAINED…

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