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Have you ever looked at the cover of a comic and wondered what narcotics the artist was on? Well, no need to hunt down those back issues, as tears open these mindboggling gems and determines if the story inside lives up to these fantastic covers.

Black Panther 529

Oh look, a Batman cover from Francesco Francavilla in that retro pulp style of his.  Very nice.  What’s that?  It’s a Black Panther cover for issue 529?  Wow: DC, get that lawyer patrol on the case. And why is Black…

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Avengers: X-Sanction #3

Putting aside any jokes about this being an Oz-like shower scene, this cover is disturbing and hilarious on a number of levels. I like to interpret it as a metaphor: Ed McGuinness is claiming the title of “artist of absurd musculature” from Rob Liefield.

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Daredevil #118

Apparently there was not a single dictionary at the Marvel office in 1975. That is the only reason I can think of for suggesting that circus spelled sideways is death. Also, is that guy throwing live bats as if they…

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Web of Spider-Man #7

This is actually one of my favourite covers, but it doesn’t really make sense. Normally when people talk about cancelling Christmas it is because the have no money, or some disaster has befallen them around December, or they are using…

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Crazy Comic Cover: Superman #229

The Cover: Looks like Superman has somehow gotten himself stranded on some kind of unusual planet where his powers don’t work…for the 100th time. But what’s different this time is that he’s attempting flight with some half-assed glider wings as…

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