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X-Men Days of Future Past

One of the benefits of discussing movies after their release date is that you can actually talk about things. So, as is custom, here is your spoiler warning: do not read any further if you haven't seen X-Men Days of Future Past yet and would like to be surprised when you get a Bluray in your stocking at Christmas. For everyone else I thought I'd share some thoughts on the flick, the franchise, and comic book movies in general.
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How Much For Everything?

But isn't that implicitly what Marvel and DC state by having a shared universe for their stories? If all their stories are great and if they all have the same heroes who live in the same world then wouldn't I want to buy every book they produce? I decided to get out the Previews Guide and a calculator to answer this rhetorical question. I used the January 2014 Previews as a proxy for the entire year on the assumption that some months will have fewer books and some months will have more but overall it will probably average out. I didn't include books not in the shared universe and I didn't include collected editions.
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Getting Crafty With Comics – Invitations

My son recently had a birthday and he wanted to have a "Marvel's Avengers" themed birthday. My wife headed over to the local "party store" to find all the Avengers merchandise we would need for the party. She picked up Avengers plates, Avengers napkins, Avengers table cloth... are you starting to see a pattern here? When it came to the invitations, that's when she called me for help. We could buy 8 Avengers invitations for $8.99.
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