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Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #5

With this second act completed, the best is yet to come from Del Col, McCreery and Belanger. Their story continues to evolve and ripen, improving with each new issue. A hallmark of the series has been the creators' willingness to take chances with their work, a philosophy that has paid dividends for them and has resulted in an overwhelmingly fantastic comic that only gets better as it develops. Belanger has been an integral piece of the entire journey, giving Del Col and McCreery's words visual weight, combining together to tell a complete story that continues to be the prologue to greater things.
Kill Shakespeare #2

Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #2

Kill Shakespeare at no point has wavered in its quality prior to this second issue, a trend that has continued with its release. The series has been consistently excellent, founded on the creative trifecta of Del Col, McCreery and Belanger -- the three continue to offer twists and intrigue that spell the marks of a great comic. Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood is everything the original series was, only made better with the experience and evolution of the creators behind the title.
Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood

Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #1

After their successful 12-issue maxi-series, Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery and Andy Belanger return with the follow-up to their critically acclaimed comic series, revisiting the world of Shakespeare's greatest creations.

Beginning’s end bittersweet for ‘Kill Shakespeare’ creators

Life could be perceived as a series of acts, each of us living out the drama of our lives in a microcosm of the whole day in and day out. Existence is a play, with each component of the greater story being told a piece at a time; before we know it, the curtains close on a chapter of life and the crowd disperses for intermission, anticipating the next part of the story.

Kill Shakespeare #11

Kill Shakespeare has been a hugely successful book over the last year. With the penultimate issue, the battle for Shakespeare's life and the world of the Bard is coming to a head in the final battle. Lines are drawn and alliances are solidified as the series moves closer towards its conclusion. Onward!

Kill Shakespeare Interview – March 20, 2011

Two weeks ago at the Wizard World Toronto Comic I sat down once again with Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, and Andy Belanger, the creative minds behind the IDW comic book juggernaut Kill Shakespeare. This time around I talk to…

Shakespearean creation exits stage left in April

The creators of IDW’s highly successful series Kill Shakespeare, will be killing off one of the Bard’s greatest creations in the series’ tenth issue. “With the murder of Julius Caesar famously taking place on the Ides of March we thought…

Conventions energize Kill Shakespeare creators

I visited with Kill Shakespeare creators Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger early last week as they held an hour long discussion at The Central in Toronto. They all looked fairly tired. The previous night they had held…

Review: Kill Shakespeare #7: The Play's the Thing

Writers: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col Art: Andy Belanger Colours: Ian Herring Letters: Chris Mowry Cover: Kagan McLeod Publisher: IDW Publishing Kill Shakespeare has taken the comic book world by the storm this year, gaining accolade upon accolade from…

Review: Kill Shakespeare #6: Lend Me Your Ears

Writers: Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col Artist: Andy Belanger Colours: Ian Herring Cover: Kagan McLeod Letters: Chris Mowry Publisher: IDW Publishing It’s been some time since we checked in on Kill Shakespeare, IDW’s Shakespearean tale of betrayal, drama and…

Review: Kill Shakespeare 1 & 2

Written by: Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreery Illustrated by: Andy Belanger Colored by: Ian Herring Published by: IDW Publishing I took one look at the title of this book and was overwhelmed with head scratching intrigue. Kill Shakespeare? Unless…