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Marvel Now, Continuity, and What If?

However, the more I think about Marvel Now the more I feel that success (or lack thereof) is mostly owed to these unique interpretations. When I talk with fans at conventions or comic book shops they either love or hate what is going on in Marvel Now. And I think that is primarily due to the fact that the concepts behind Marvel Now are all or nothing; you either love them or or hate them because they are What If? stories.
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Undervalued Spotlight #177

I recently had a stack of Hulks to price up. Easy peasy, especially once you get past #200. Not that many books above #200 avoid the bargain basement so I pulled out my #250, my #271, a few McFarlanes, a few Keowns and there you go. Then I remembered that there was a Thunderbolts issue up later in the run. That has to be worth money, no? I looked it up and it was #449 and the guide value was only $6. Now a lot of $6 and $7 in the guide Hulks can only sell in the bargain bins but this is not one of them. My Hulk back issue bins never have this issue in stock; it is an in demand comic.
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