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David Diep

David Diep is prone to flash rants when he thinks obsessively about random things in comicdom.

Crazy Comic Cover: Superman #229

The Cover: Looks like Superman has somehow gotten himself stranded on some kind of unusual planet where his powers don’t work…for the 100th time. But what’s different this time is that he’s attempting flight with some half-assed glider wings as…

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Crazy Comic Cover: Superman #318

The Cover: AHAHHAAHA that’s all I got to describe what we have on this cover. Superman is being assaulted by a bunch of dogs shooting orange skittles out of their mouths at the command of a pirate lady. I think…

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Progressive Shop Profile: Tate’s

Welcome back to the ComicBookDaily Progressive Shop Profiles! Comic shops often get a bum rap; they’re seen as dingy little holes in the wall that you wouldn’t want to take your mother into. It’s ComicBookDaily’s mission to dispel this false myth by…

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