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David Diep

David Diep is prone to flash rants when he thinks obsessively about random things in comicdom.

Stuff from the Green Lantern set

The moviefone blog has taken a stroll over to the Green Lantern film location and come back with some gems of information on the film. So far they’ve given us 5 things to look forward to with promises of even…

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Quick Review: Hulk #25

Wow, this book was a pleasant surprise. Ever since this series was started by Jeph Loeb I’ve found each issue to be cringe worthy with things like the Watcher being punched out by the Red Hulk. The series started out…

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Kick-Ass kicked ass!

Okay, unlike the previous adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic work; Wanted, comic fans can expect a fairly faithful adaptation of his work this time around. For those of you who haven’t read this limited series (and you damn well better…

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