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Watchmen 2

If you think you’ve read this particular column before, I wouldn’t blame you. I first covered rumors of a Watchmen sequel/prequel nearly two years ago (Scott: previous column). At the time, there wasn’t much attached to idea in terms of…

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Hidden Gems

The title of this particular post is “Hidden Gems” but I’m not quite sure if that’s incredibly accurate.  Most of what’s in here isn’t hidden at all really; if you go into a comic shop, a majority of it will…

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Okay, Fan Expo has me kind of tapping out this week.  Between that and some pending interview requests, this week’s column is a good chunk of reviews, starting with something a little different. Kirby Krackle – Super Powered Love mini-review…

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Turtle Power

When Nickelodeon bought the Turtles from Peter Laird in 2009, I wasn't sure what they would do with them but I was pretty sure it was going to be too kid oriented for my tastes. While my love of the Turtles was first spawned with the cartoon in the late 80's, it was the first film and the comic that really grabbed me.
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